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It has been so long since I've actually talked to him on the phone. So that was weird. The call was about three minutes, but that was good probably haha. "Okay, I'm going to play this song for you, then I'm going to hang up, because I've been summoned to have a video game challenge. I'll say bye, but I'm not really in a talking kind of mood." ...you're the one who called me lol. I didn't ask you to call me. It was an entertaining call nonetheless lol.

Annnd this other guy is just reallly attractive. I said to myself the other day (before I went to class Tuesday)"I hope he doesn't show up today..." Then he showed up and he looked ever better than what I rememebered hahaha. I like hot guys. Who doesn't!? I wish I had to pick for all you girls haha. Too bad he smokes. At least he only smokes ciggs, unlike other hes.

Sometimes I think I like being alone too much. Alone in every sense. Home alone watching a movie... home alone singing... alone in my room when everyone else is home... with no boyfriend...

I really just don't mind it lol. Do I prefer it...? I guess I wouldn't really know, now would I? hahaha.


Time for some writing and a movie.
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