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why does it say the date is the 4th? it's clearly the 3rd..?

anyway! so last night i had a dream that i was going out with the guy that i kind of liked in my class, and it was really cute... then i went to class thinking i was going to end up liking him a lot, cuz that's always what happens after i have dreams like that. so i went, and i decided that he's just a cool guy that i want to be friends with... or an acquaintance haha. so that's kind of sad. haha.

i think i've developed some sort of psychological block when it comes to relationships or something. like i think a guy is cute... or i like a guy... then i distance myself, or i think to myself "i don't really like that guy..!" aw, that's kind of sad for me lol

sometimes i fear i will never be able to have a real relationship cuz i find flaws automatically. and all those other things i do.

well, i'm tired. ew. i don't want to go to Bio tomorrow. or Photo. i like how i capitalize my classes, but nothing else lol. k

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