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Okay! Here goes me being bored!

I'm at school, in the IIC.

Things I feel like sharing:

It is raining like crazy here.

Yesterday I (and I guess a whole lot of people) lost power. It was really rather annoying! I was in the middle of typing up notes for my Bio class (cuz I have to work tonight, and I didn't want to do it then) and the power just went off. Then it came back about 1 minute later. Then went off. This happened for the next hour. But the stupid part of it was that it would go off and come back on like 5 seconds later... I finally went to bed and gave up lol.

Um... I work today. And I I'm excited. And I hope I work with a certain person. God, what is wrong with me? I wish I at least knew why I was so strangely attracted to him. It's just really really weird...

Let's see. I have government. I don't want to go.

Oh yeah, I was supposed to study for my Art History test I have after I finished printing my paper. Whoops. I can always study in governenment and during my lunch break.

SO!! I miss you guys. And I love work. I do hate closing at work though. It's just tedious work. I haven't used that word since like 8th grade or something lol. It looks wrong..?

I have to walk outside in the rain to get to my next class. This sucks.

Well, see you all later!!
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