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so. here's what's on my mind.

i miss him, and i wish i didn't.

i burned my tongue on hot chocolate today.

i have about 3-5 hours of summarizing, 1 hour of key terms to define, 1 hour of certain sections, 1 hour of notes, 1 hour of project work.... and then i have to study for a vocab quiz and prepare a 3 minute debate... and here i am. too tired to work.

i think i try to solve my problems sometimes by creating more problems. or at least i did yesterday.

i want to go on a mini trip either winter break, "spring break" aka mid-winter break, or summer i guess. anyone want to go somewhere?

i want to have a life again... actually, i never really had a life lol... i pretty much didnt go out with people on purpose.

oh well, i'll end on a happier note.

or a sicker note, i guess hahaha

theres this weird girl in my art history class, and today jake saw her grab her own boob and then rub it with her thumb.... yeah, that's gross.

maybe i'll call liz back... that'll make me happy yayyy. k. later!
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