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So continuing.

Sunday I pretended to study for my final. Then Monday (I typed Saturday, but Monday definitely comes after Sunday) I took my last final, and then Liz and I hung out! We went to her dad's house to get some food and some clothes of hers. Then we went ice skating with Rachel. What did we do after OH! We watched the best episode of Days EVER! Haha. It was awesome. Then we hung out and I went to work. Then after work we hung out again and tried to watch clue, but we were falling asleep. Mmm. We ate chip dip. Then Tuesday... Well I was going to maybe go see The Holiday with some work people, but we didn't go... then I was going to go eat with someone, but we didn't... so Tracy and I went to Great Lakes Crossing! I didn't buy ONE thing! How weird, right? Then we came home, and John called me to watch the Rocky Balboa screening with him and some people, but I REALLY didn't want to see that movie... Then I called Steph and her, Sarah, Nikki and I all hung out from like 10-2am. We basically drove around that whole time... It was pretty fun! We laughed reallllly hard a lot. And took some pictures at a gazebo hahaa. Good times were had. Most definitely. As for today... I woke up, went to work at 1... got off an hour early at 8, amd then Liz and I went to see The Holiday (after I got free ice cream from Cold Stone- YAY.) BEST. MOVIE. EVER! Seriously. I'm glad I finally saw it. It was so well written and acted and put together and ahhhh. Loved it.

That movie was basically about me (and Liz.)
-I am NOT the leading lady in my own life; I am the best friend.
-I am in love with someone that probably never has loved me and probably never will.
-When that person needs attention- he comes to me, because I willingly give him that attention, and I fall for act every time.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to fall in love to fall out of love.
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