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I hate that:

- i'm an inconvience to others a lot... and i'm sorry for that
- i can't tell how others feel... about certain things
- i get so stressed that i feel sick
- i let myself get stressed by always putting things off
- i get so stressed that i can't bring myself to start the things that i put off
- i didn't interview james for my sign language class.. and now i feel like an ass, since my brother started telling me things, and i realized how easy it would have been to go sit there and "talk" with him
- i keep wanting to talk to him
- and *him*... not so much lately
- i stress about being an inconvience.
- people always ask me what i'm doing with my life. leave me alone.. lol... i don't even know.
- i still have half a semester left before summer
- i havent applied anywhere yet
- i'm writing this instead of working on my presentation tomorrow
- i'm so upset about this interview that i almost started crying earlier... it's not like he's going to be upset that i didn't interview him..

k. i'm done complaining. sorry lol. i just had to get some of that out. and somewhere other than myspace... since less people are on lj
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